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Wood Chipper Machine

Wood chipper machine of disc type is primarily designed for cutting off straight wood logs to smaller fine sizes, for instance in to wooden chips. The machine is available in various capacities starting from 30 hp to 150 hp with the production capacities varying from 3 to 15 metric ton per hour. These machines are commonly used in biomass based power projects where wood is used as fuel to produce heat and in co- generation power projects and all other industries like textile, paper, pulp, plywood, sugar, distilleries, refineries etc.

Disc type wood chipper machine is driven by electrical motor with ‘V’ belt drive. Input wood logs should be fed manually and they will go inside by gravity. Machine will cut wood logs with a set of fly knives and a dead knife. One machine has four fly knives fitted on its fly wheel and dead knife at the cutting area. Wood log feeder can be positioned as per customer requirement. We use Kirloskar motor and customer can avail its service and warranty from their location anywhere in India. If customer opts to purchase motor and starter locally, we can supply the machine attachment. As fly knife is replaceable, we can supply more sets on customer request along with the machine.

Straight Wood logs

Wood log for wood chipper - Gujarat, Kerala, karnataka, India

Wood chipper machine can convert straight wood logs, which are the tree trunks shown in picture aside. Every machine can convert wood logs with defined dia of minimum and maximum. The fire wood logs must be in 30 to 40% moisture content. The wood log entry area of machine defines the maximum dia of input log, so we limited to load maximum dia defined for each model to provide maximum output.

Wood Chips

Wood Chips - Gujarat, Kerala, karnataka, India

Wood chips The chip size depends on the gap between the flying knife and dead knife face. We set the size of wood chips at the time of designing as customer requirement. It can be set any size between 14 mm² and 25 mm². The rate of unsized chips will be a maximum of 5% of total volume. Size of wood chips is limited to the above range only. We currently offer no machine with other sizes.

Model Wise Efficiency
Machine Model Motor HP Input Log Dia Output Volume / Hr Total Weight
MDCDA-A1 30 Hp Max. 3" Dia 2 - 3 Mts / Hr Approx. 1000kg
MDCGA-A1 60 Hp 1.5" to 4" Dia 3 - 4 Mts / Hr Approx. 1750kg
MDCHF-A1 75 Hp 1.5" to 5" Dia 4 - 6 Mts / Hr Approx. 2200kg
MDCBAA-A1 100 Hp 1.5" to 6" Dia 7 - 10 Mts / Hr Approx. 2500kg
MDCBFA-A1 150 Hp 2" to 10" Dia 10 - 15 Mts / Hr Approx. 4500kg
wood chipper wood log dia
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